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Compare 3 social networks

Integrated Marketing Communication is a simple concept; it ensures that all forms of communications and massages are carefully linked together. (MMC,2015)

The IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication) integrating all the promotional tools to make they work together in harmony. All of these communications tools work better if they work together in Harmony rather that in isolation. Their sum is greater than their parts-providing they speak consistently with one voice all the time, every time. (MMC,2015)


IMC can help people to strengthen Integrated Communications by different level, such as Horizontal, Vertical, Internal, External and Data integration.

Horizontal Integration occurs across the marketing mix and across business functions – for example, production, finance, distribution and communications should work together and be conscious that their decisions and actions send messages to customers.

Vertical Integration means marketing and communications objectives must support the higher level corporate objectives and corporate missions.

External Integration, on the other hand, requires external partners such as advertising and PR agencies to work closely together to deliver a single seamless solution – a cohesive message – an integrated message.


In 2012, Pinterest broke out to become a wildly popular site and app for collecting media across the Internet. People pin photos into collections called boards, which serve as big catalogs of objects. Pinterest, in effect, decomposes web pages into the objects that are embedded in them. (Madrogal, 2014), nowadays, people define Pinterest as a place that they can get ideas for any project or interest in their life in Pinterest. The most important thing is that when you are creating a board on Pinterest, other people can get inspiration from your ideas, so there’s this cycle where what you’re creating for yourself also helps other people made their lives. (Madrogal, 2014)



Instagram is a cross-platform (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) picture of social applications to square photo filter effects and personalized access to users of all ages, with a powerful social sharing feature.


What can Instagram do and why is it popular?

Esay to get started: Go to the app store, download, set up account, choose a username and upload a profile pic.

Photo sharing: you can take pictures within the app or use photos that already exist in your camera roll.

Photo manipulation: the “cool” factor of Instagram is the fact that they have 11 different filters you can use to up the interest of your pix.

Social: Instagram, like any other social network, is based around having friends or followers.  On Instagram you ‘follow’ people.


Before there was social networking, there were blogs. And in an effort to muddle things, at one point in time the concept of blogging without trying too hard became known as microblogging. Tumblr is part microblogging, part social networking. (Aamoth,2013)


The primary difference between Tumblr and Twitter, however, is that Tumblr is very image-focused and there is no maximum word limit on posts.  While text is still used, many Tumblr users just use text to complement an image or a series of images.  On top of images, Tumblr users can post videos, sound files, and many other types of content.

Tumblr is also different form Facebook in that Tumblr more around users who share commom interests, as opposed to just friends and family.

Benefit of IMC: create competitive advantage, boost sales and profits, while saving money, time and stress.

Barriers of IMC: Functional Silos; Stifled Creativity; Time Scale Conflicts and a lack of Management know-how.


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