The First work

A:Analyse two different business models( E-models) and provide an example for each.

Online revennue models: there are some generate revenue : Revenue from subscription accessto content, Revenue from Pay Per View access to document, Revenue from CPM (COST per Thousand) display advertising on site, Revenue from CPC (Cost Per Click) advertising on site, Revenue from sponsorship of site sections or content types, Affiliate revenue, Subscriber data access for email marketing, Access to customers for online research, Freemium models.

Benefits of freemium models are : Increased conversion to sale due to ease of conversion from interest to trial of service to paid servce; Increased awareness of the service through sharing of experience by freemium users compared to paid users, Other revenue models are possible through freemium use such as advertising or affiliate.

Disadvantages of this model include the incremental user cost of offering the service although this is likely to be relatively low for digital services.

eg: banner ads, skyscrapers.

Customer buying models:  Customer be able to know and research the products which they want through online, then consider it.

there is a generate buying process:


↓            ↓                    ↓           ↓                 ↓                ↓           ↓               ↓

Learn     Learn             Buy        Buy            Buy            Use      Use          Use


B:Choose two websites that showcases the  five Is  as discussed in the lecture and take screenshots and explain how they relate to the five Is.


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